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Seminario CUICBAS: The Halo Conjecture

Seminario CUICBAS: The Halo Conjecture, por Paul Hagelstein, de la Universidad Baylor, en Waco, Texas. Jueves, 5:00pm, auditorio de la Facultad de Ciencias.
Abstract: The Halo Conjecture has long provided a fascinating open problem in the theory of differentiation of integrals. Recent progress towards the resolution of this conjecture will be discussed, in particular the theorem of Hagelstein and Stokolos that any density basis consisting of a homothecy invariant collection of convex sets must necessarily differentiate Lp for sufficiently large p. Connections between this result, the recent work of Bateman and Katz on Kakeya sets and directional maximal operators, and improvements on the well-known theorem of Cordoba and Fefferman relating the Lp bounds of geometric maximal operators to those of certain multiplier operators will also be given.