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First midterm projects: Harmonic Analysis

As stated in the syllabus, 50% of the midterms grades consist of a written essay of a short research project. The projects may be worked by a student alone or in pair and, for the first midterm, the essay must be turn in by March 29.
Each enrolled student or pair of student must choose a different project. Unenrolled students sitting in the course may work on a project, and are free to choose independently of other students, but cannot work with enrolled students.
The following is the list of projects to choose from. This list is not yet complete, and new projects will be added in the following days, depending on the student choices.

  1. Littlewood's Theorem
    Karla Paulette Flores Silva and Jaime Daniel Hernández Palacios
  2. Sharpness of Bernstein's Theorem
    Yair Antonio Castillo Castillo and Rafael Morales Jiménez
  3. Uniform convergence of Fourier series of Hölder continuous functions
    Bernardo Ameneyro Rodríguez and José Gabriel Rosales Castañeda


  1. Hoy subieron un extenso preprint sobre la desigualdad de Bernstein, con algunas demostraciones distintas, además de variaciones y extensiones de la desigualdad:
    Hervé Queffélec and Rachid Zarouf, On Bernstein's inequality for polynomials, arXiv:1903.10801


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